Introducing myself

Hi,, I started this blog years ago but because of my busy years in college I never posted anything since,, hehe…

So here I am, after my graduation and waiting for my masters study’s application to be submitted, I decided to fill my extra time posting on my blog.

Here’s a little something about me:

Name: Adept Talan Titu Eki

Date and place of birth: Kupang, 07 March 1991

Parents: Ayub Titu Eki & Christina Ngadilah

Siblings: Ardent Titu Eki (older brother) & Aurum Titu Eki (younger sister)

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, watching movies, Hip Hop, sports, ect.

Motto: Walking with God is an Adventure 🙂


I was born and raised in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia, but spent most my childhood years in Adelaide, South Australia where my father took his doctorate degree. We went back to Kupang when I was grade 6 and had a hard time adapting the language and culture at my own hometown. Yet all goes well since then I graduated from SDK Don Bosco and went to SMP Negeri 2 Kupang and SMA Negeri 1 Kupang for high school.

I took Mining Engineering as my major in college for I was so obsessed with nature and earth sciences. I went to Universitas Nusa Cendana – Kupang and spent 5 years studying before I finally graduated (spending only 5 years in an engineering course is considered as early graduates,, hehe). Now I’m currently waiting for the applications I submitted to Universities abroad for I intend to pursue my master and my doctorate degree next year (hope all goes well).


So many tales and experiences I had in my life which gave me the strengths to move on and continue to learn and expect much more in the future. I love adventures and for me, Life is one great adventure. But living my life by my own purpose and dreams will never be enough (trust me, I felt empty most of the times). So I took the courage to live for God and by His purposes for my life and I know by then my life is now full of colors. I was raised in a strict Christian family but that only gave me burden because everyone expects me to be “holy” and such. This situation forces me to what I like to call “inner rebellion” and tried to free myself from the pressure and just wanting to express myself freely. I know I was wrong, but I felt right in some kind of way.. Doing the right thing according to God’s views are meant to be done sincerely by ones will but not by force, pressure nor to be judge “good” by others. Anyways, it’s a struggle, and I expect to learn and experience many things in the future.. And so as my motto says; “Walking With God Is An Adventure”

That’s all folks,, see ya at my next post..!!!    😉


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